Saturday, November 15, 2008

Children of Heaven.

This is a lovely movie to watch for kids and adults, based on an Iranian family.

"Children of Heaven'' is very nearly a perfect movie . The theme of this movie is so universal there is not a child who will not be wide-eyed with interest and suspense.

The film is about a boy who loses his sister's shoes. He takes them to the cobbler for repairs, and on the way home, when he stops to pick up vegetables for his mother, a blind trash collector accidentally carries them away. Of course, the boy, named Ali, is afraid to tell his parents. His sister, named Zahra, wants to know how she is supposed to go to school without shoes. The children feverishly write notes to each other, right under their parent's noses.The answer is simple: Zahra will wear Ali's sneakers to school every morning, and then run home so that Ali can put them on for his school in the afternoon. But Zahra cannot always run fast enough, and Ali, who is a good student, gets in trouble for being late to class. And there is a heartbreaking scene where Zahra solemnly regards her own precious lost shoes, now on the feet of the ragpicker's daughter.There is a wonderful scene where Ali and his father bicycle from the almost medieval streets and alleys of the old town to the high-rises and luxury homes where the rich people live. The father hopes for work as a gardener, but he is intimidated by the challenge of speaking into the intercoms on the gates of the wealthy. His son jumps in, with offers of pruning, weeding, spraying and trimming. It is a great triumph.And then there is a footrace for the poor children of the quarter. The winner gets two weeks in a summer camp and other prizes. Ali doesn't care. He wants to place third, because the prize is a new pair of sneakers, which he can give to his sister. My guess is that the race and its outcome will be as exciting for many kids as anything they've seen at the movies. "Children of Heaven'' is about a home without unhappiness.
Very realistic and at times really sad to watch . Well made movie, a must watch for all.

Friday, November 14, 2008

14th November - Happy Children's Day.

Gen Y is worlds ahead of Gen X - they wander around the internet with ease, dream real dreams of the Moon and of space walks, their games are faster than lightening, theirs is a world of infinite possibilities. They are mature, aware and sensitive to the world. Yet the millenial child is still a child : here's celebrating their innocence !

Make every child feel Special on this Children's Day and always !

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Heres wishing all the children of the world' A VERY HAPPY CHILDRENS' DAY'