Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What is more Important ?

What is more important : doing things that makes you happy and one feels that its good for them or doing things for the people you love , even if one doesnt like them and it doesnt make them happy?


Anonymous said...

I think the earlier one, as One cannot make everyone happy. When we try to make othe happy, we loose our wishes and desires,and neither are everyone happy ... !!!
Whats the point then ?


Anonymous said...

Dearest Sister,
If you've ever posted a beautiful hadith(s), please read this!:
I read your comment on another blog, and really want you to look at these links so that if you posted something that Islamic scholars have judged to be false, you can remove it and be corrects in Allah's eyes. (And possibly stop others from spreading falseness as well). Please forgive me if I have offended you in any way, but sister, I love you too much for the sake of Allah to let you or anyone let themselves be wronged.



Fatima Mirza said...

Maryam: hmmm I guess u r right.

Anonymous: thanks for your info; will chk out the link .

Anonymous said...

Interesting question that can go many ways from an individual perspective. One also has to be sincere in their actions.