Thursday, November 22, 2007

Did u Know ?

You may lose bone strength, if u diet without exercising, In a study at Washington University, dieters who lost weight simply by cutting calories, lost 2.2% of bone density. to help yourself work out and get enough calcium , take recommended 500-1000mg(as per age) a day, then u can lose weight without losing bone.


Did u know that u need less than a tablespoon of salt everyday? But most adults end up taking in much more. Salt is not only found in the cooked food that we eat but lurks in form of sodium in almost all processed food. To workout the equivalent amount amount of salt, multiply the sodium value by 2.5(by this calculation, a little more than a gram of sodium is equivalent to 3gms of salt), Also buy food that states - sodium -free, low sodium or reduced sodium or unsalted - on their labels. Avoid high -sodium foods such as bacon, sausage, cheese, cold cuts, condiments, cooking sauces, pickls and salad dressing.



cd said...

Interesting facts and its not just a myth as some people may propose it to be when it comes to bone density. There are also studies that suggest that women who may have family memebers who suffer from osteoporosis can be prone to developing it more after menopause and thus a bone density test is recommended. Yes, this awareness is out there but many women don't seem to find the time for themselves becasue of the nature of our work, ect.
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Fatima Mirza said...

U r absolutely rite, i agree, and u're welcome.