Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wishing u all A Very Happy Diwali.

Diwali - Festival of Lights.
Diwali, 'Festival of Lights', is celebrated with great fervor and gaiety. Deewali is celebrated by young and old, rich and poor, throughout the country to dispel darkness and light up their lives. The festival symbolizes unity in diversity as every state celebrates it in its own special way.
Diwali has many legends and religious accounts to it. Lights and diyas are lit to signifying the driving away of darkness and ignorance, as well as the awakening of the light within ourselves. Diwali is a time for family gatherings, food, celebration and pooja.

So may the festival of light bring joy and sparkles.
Have a crackling Diwali.


cd said...

The festival lights. Never experienced this moment but I have heard that alot of preparation goes into organizing the home for this event.

I hope your time was well spent there.


Fatima Mirza said...

Ya its a wonderful festival .