Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bomb Blasts shock the city of Bangalore.

Well yesterday was a horrifying day for the citizens of Bangalore, as the news of bomb blasts started to come in by 2.00pm in the afternoon, it started with one , then two, then three, four, five to seven and then eight bomb blasts of low density at various parts of the city. Sadly two persons were killed and 15 or 18 injured. paranoid as I am , the first thing that came in my mind were my kids, who were in school, so rushed immediately to their schools and picked them up, there was a lil' bit of panic amongst the people , and the roads were blocked , as all were trying to rush back home, the phone lines were jammed.
Hope and pray that this was the first and the last time that this kind of act happened here. Hope and pray that there is peace always not only here , but in each and every city and country and the whole World.


Anonymous said...

Really ??? O God!! I dint knew about this, Guess I should start watching news now....:-(
May Allah keep everyone under HIS protection. Ameen.


mummyjaan said...

It was quite horrible and shocking. And then to hear it in more than one city over the course of the next few day.

Well, alhamdulillah that you guys were safe.

You know what's so annoying and frustrating about all these bomb blasts and scares?

Hundreds of 'suspects' get picked up, but the actual perpetrators never seem to get caught. It's been over a year since the Hyderabad blasts, and no developments yet. One never gets to hear anything in the news again about the culprits - where the hell do they disappear, I'd like to know.

Sorry for the long comment at my first visit to your blog. Wanted to see who the 'Fatima' was who left a comment at my blog a couple of months ago :). Thanks for visiting!