Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Golden Age - Tahmima Imam

A stunning novel by the author. give a lil bit of intro about the author is that she was born in Bangladesh and attended Harvard University where she earned a Phd. in Social Anthropology. This is her first Novel.
The story revolves around this lady Rehana , whos throwing a party for her two kids, what she doesnot know is that , after today their lives will change forever. As this country East Pakistan is erupting into war.
As she struggles to keep her children safe, Rehana will find herself faced with heart breaking dilemma.
This is an unforgetable story of revolution and hope and unexpected heroism.
{Its a good read for Pakistanis' for whom the story carries painful relevance...... it can bring tears to your eyes and make you smile at the same time.Dawn}

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