Monday, May 7, 2007

DUBAI - A perfect holiday destination.

Dubai :-
Dubai is a beautiful cosmopolitan city. A perfect place for vacation,its a perfect getaway where one can shop till you drop - hehe. Thats why i planned to go there in my kids vacation to meet my family and enjoy. There are many attractions there like the museum, creek,various beaches,gardens, mosque,the desert safari and above all the malls, which were the main attraction for me.

Its Architectural wonders:-
One more fascinating part of this desert city is the unbelievable construction boom, one main reason for it is to diversify the economy, since they only depend on oil reserves.There are many commercial and residential buildings which excel in architecture . Though i didnt see much of it, but what ever i saw i liked the Emirates Towers and many buildings on that same road the best, i didnt happen to know the names of all and also The Burj -al -Arab, the Dubai Marina project and the Jumeirah residences.

was actually where i was residing, but as compared to Dubai it is still not as , well can say exciting and interesting in every way, its like a blend of old and new.I dont think so there is much to look around besides a few malls , out of which i liked the Sahara Center and Mega Mall.

Lost in the desert:-
It just happened that when i initially went alone to a few malls in Dubai, it was easy to go, as all the cab-drivers know all the malls, but coming back was like uggghhhh., most of the cab-drivers never wanted to go back to Sharjah as it was far and mostly coz; of the traffic , its generally heavy traffic, they never wanted to ; but still one out of few use to agree,and to my bad luck, i use to reach the main land mark near our house and then i was like lost , i didnt know ,how and where to go.,and the cab-driver use to drop me there and then i had to search the house on foot, with both my kids and all the shopping bags ,so i use to keep calling our house for guidance, or just try to figure out how and where to go., that was the most ugliest moment of my trip., it use to take me 40 mins to 1 hour to reach home, when it use to be just 5 mins away if on car.And then finally i understood the house from all possible directions(hehe).

Malls in Dubai:-
I visited most of the malls there, but the ones i liked and are Burjuman, Mall of the Emirates, Lamcy,Diera City Center,Ibn-e-Batuta. Madinat-Jumeira(i hope its the right name) is good if one like the architecture typical arab types, it was good.

We had a wonderful time - me and my kids. It was a good holiday.

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