Sunday, May 20, 2007



A baby is someone to hold in your arms.
and someone so cute and full of charm.
Someone to plan the future for;
it's someone to love and adore.

It's someone to call your very own,
who'll turn your house into a home.
Instead of two they'll be three--
and that makes a family!

Someone to keep you up at night,
and somone who will sometimes fight.
Someone who'll get sick and cry,
but for that someone you would die.

What is a baby?

A baby's full of wiggles and life,
but will sometime cause lots of strife.
Your life will be changed forever,
but it's by far life's greatest endeavor.

Frazzeled nerves that come undone,
it's a lot of work and not just fun.
But it's a bond that's like no other,
the strongest love between child and mother!

So as I watch you become a mother,
I may offer advice but promise not to hover.
A girl or boy it doesn't matter,
for soon little feet will "pitter patter."

What is a baby?

All of this and more.
A bundle of joy to;
love and adore!!

Written by Dianna Wilder for her daughter.

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