Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Islam means PEACE

Dr Javed Jamil, the author of the book, argued that Islam presented a three-dimensional system based on equal emphasis on Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Fundamental Prohibitions, and unless the world followed the trio, true peace could not be established in the world. He said that by not applying "Fundamental Prohibitions" as prescribed by the Quran, the world was losing more than 50 million lives every year. He urged all the religions to unite against the forces of Economic Fundamentalism, which has become the greatest tormentor of humanity.

ISLAM means Peace by Dr. Javed Jamil . Islam does not just promote peace; Islam is peace itself. We are denizens of a world where peace is nothing more than a pigeon trying to survive in a stormy wind. He has every reason to celebrate. Individually, there may be many God-fearing people in the world; but the collective system hardly cares for God and his plan for this world. " Islam means Peace" is aimed at reminding the world the true meaning of peace, unveiling before them the designs of the proponents of the system that rules them and making them aware of the System that must rule.It is an endeavour to turn the wind of chaos into a gentle breeze of peace pigeon loves to fly in. Peace is discussed not in piecemeal but in totality. Not only the indicators of the prevailing chaos have been explored, the agenda for a purer,healthier and more peaceful world has also been presented.The agenda for the future must be to establish Natural Word Order rather than new World Order …. New World Order is unstable by its very meaning; what is new now, will become old tomorrow. The world of New World Order is therefore rapidly developing into nothing but a Fireball of chaos. We are living in a world where, thanks to the designs of merchants, immorality reigns.. Where, piety is Ridiculed and impudence glorified. Where, prosperity is considered to be the synonym of peace, education that of knowledge and entertainment that of happiness….Where it is easier to be bad than good…. Where, those talking of Righteousness in life are condemned as "bloody moralists"… Where the biggest Virtue is to openly indulge in the biggest sin; and the biggest sin is to try to exhibit virtuousness."Islam means Peace" release speeches-1Keynote Address by Saiyid Hamid, Chancellor, Hamdard University and well-known thinker on the occasion of the release of "Islam means Peace" authored by Dr. Javed JamilDr Javed Jamil’s magnum opus, "Islam means Peace" is as well argued as it is well researched. His profuse quotations from the Quran and their perceptive interpretation reveal scholarship of a high order. One is surprised that a physician brought up in the realm of science and engrossed both in practice and theory of medicine should have found time to make a profound study of Islam.Although in all probability, the provocation for the book came from the barrage of attacks on Islam which under a global; conspiracy are becoming fiercer as time passes, the author is neither defensive nor apologetic nor diffident. He enters the arena with confidence emanating from an unshakeable faith in the suitability of Islam for guiding mankind on path to moderation, balance, harmony and peace.The author starts by defining peace in its widest and vitally comprehensive sense. He strives to replace the widely accepted but negative concept of peace as "absence of war or conflict". Peace as preached and exemplified by Islam is packed with positive connotations. It is proactive in its essence. It envelops and animates the entire human personality. From the individual it extends to the family and ultimately in a concentric way to society at large. The author has looked at how the UN documents define peace and found them radically deficient. He finds that the UN in its interpretation of peace keeps out of its purview peace at the individual and family levels. Man being a microcosm of the universe and its basic unit, any scheme of peace that side steps the balanced personality of the individual or the cohesion of the family is fraught with the certainty of violence and chaos at the collective level. If its various forces constituting individual personality pull in different directions and defy discipline peace will be in tatters at its foundation. Society is at the apex and family is somewhere in the middle. Society got split up into nations that go to war at the slightest provocation. Nations, the author maintains, are at war because man, the foundation unit, is not at peace with himself. Having diagnosed the root cause of the malaise the author proceeds top prescribe a number of remedies on which we need not pause. The book rubbishes the fundamentalism being indiscriminately levelled against Islam. He traces the origin of "fundamentalism" in Christian America in the 1920s where it referred to the group that was violently opposed to the theory of evolution. It is significant that Islam, unlike Christianity, never chose to wage a war against Darwinism. Islam despite a comprehensive outreach allowed science to flourish independently in its own domain. After discussing the religious fundamentalism as a stereotype the author proceeds to develop his thesis of economic fundamentalism. He has coined an appropriate label for a trend that has acquired global dimensions. It is as sinister and iniquitous, as it is widespread. Economic fundamentalism stems directly from unscrupulous and voracious materialism. The twentieth century has witnessed the retreat of morality before the onset of hungry consumerism, which masquerades as civilisation, and rejects ethics as outmoded. The author has taken pains to refute the specious reasoning being used by a decadent western civilisation against religion. Economic fundamentalism has manifested itself in the neo-colonialism that has the world in its cruel grip. Grim sequences of this policy are writ large on devastated Iraq and Afghanistan. It is the West’s uninhibited greed for oil that led to their destruction under the pretence of quelling "terrorism". Economic suzerainty of the West has reduced the oil rich West Asian countries to the state of vassals. The author has analysed with dexterity the motives of the West on the one hand and the essentials of Islam on the other. He has brought to bear on this analysis an attitude that is at once objective and uncompromising. He has moreover refuted convincingly the pet theories of Western imperialism about Islam being the disturber of global peace. This is a grotesque travesty of facts, which the power of the media is persistently drilling in. Dr Javed Jamil’s book is at once a courageous exposure of a widely orchestrated machination and a passionate but well-argued exposition of Islam. It nails a lie that threatens to assume global credence.

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