Friday, May 25, 2007

My Comments on The Last Mughal .

The Last Mughal is much more than the biography of one man. It is the story of a city-` Delhi,. a genuinely multicultural synthesis of Indian and Islamic traditions, from music to miniature painting. Above all, it is a terrific retelling of the event that ended Zafar’s reign - the Indian mutiny of 1857. The strength of this book lies in the breadth of its quotations from unpublished primary sources. Dalrymple argues convincingly for the contribution of colonialism to the rise of religious radicalism in India... An outstanding book: meticulously researched, it makes full use of an extraordinary number of previously unexplored sources in British and Indian archives. The book captures the tragedy of a mutilated Mughal capital and its butchered populace. Extremely well researched. An entire period comes alive - Mesmerising … gripping and beautifully written.

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